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Artists Weathering The Storm

Now in the Orland Park Library

and at

Artists Weathering the Storm is a book to inspire artists to keep making their art.  Artists from well known to world famous give their insight on how they created art in the beginning of their careers against all odds.

Scapes is a book of landscapes based on my landscape show, which I turned into a book.  The book has additional images added to the ones from the exhibit.

Sessions is a magazine style promotional piece of mine designed for art directors and magazine editors to get an idea of my fashion/editorial style photography.  It is also how I do Celebrity style portraiture for individuals who want more of a professional looking style, rather than a plain portrait.

Over the years working

with Ad Agencies, Companies

large and small I work to get

the results the customer



I also do post cards for mailings and emails which

gives clients options to keep

their name in the front for repeat business.


Photography books are some of my other projects I do and

I work with others on their book projects as well.


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