I read your book!  It's fantastic, I knew it would be good but it really makes you want to work.

George  Artist


Carl, you are an amazing photographer.  I am still amaze by the photos you took at our last shoot.  I would love to shoot with you again on my next project.

Ann  Empress Casino


I have never worked with a photographer of your quality before.  I look forward to working with you again.

Barcalona Advertising Agency


I love working with you, you have a crazy sense of humor and are fun to work with.  I'd work with you anytime.

Becky  Ford Modeling Agency


I know I needed only two photos from the shoot but I'm ordering nine because I didn't expect them to be so good, they were better than what I expected from the situation we shot under.


JTC Advertising Agency


Your quality is great, I haven't seen such quality of work since I worked with the major photography studios years ago.


Donnelly Printing


I feel you shoot the type of shots other don't do, I can't get this look from anyone else.




I like to work with you because I can trust you, I feel confident we will get some great shots working with you.

That's why I keep coming back to you.





I LOVE the pictures…….Thank You so much! That was an awesome shoot! So many great ideas rather than the standard pictures everyone takes.






Over the years working

with Ad Agencies, Companies

large and small I work to get

the results the customer



I also do post cards for mailings and emails which

gives clients options to keep

their name in the front for repeat business.


Photography books are some of my other projects I do and

I work with others on their book projects as well.


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