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 "Sessions" is coming out!


It shows sessions of people photographed, it's more of a portfolio.  It covers how I work and the variety that goes into my editorial style photography.  How the subjects change clothes and sometimes lighting and styles to give options to the shoot, this is most important if you're an actor or model.  This shows clients the different looks you can achieve to fit their needs for their projects.  It helps you get hired!

An article about my latest book "Artists Weathering The Strom" which is out now on  You can view it by typing in my name Carl Lioce under search and my books will come up.

Artists Weathering The Storm is a book about artists beginnings and how they were able to create their art work against the odds.

You can purchase the book on

Scapes is a book of Landscapes based on my Landscape Show.  The book has additional images, added since the show.

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